Event Review: Eric Prydz presents Pryda

Verboten, New York – February 27, 2015

There’s something magical that happens when Eric Prydz announces a show in New York City. His EPIC shows have sold out each year almost instantly, with state of the art visuals and holograms to enchant and amazing the crowd, paired with Prydz’s iconic tracks. Yet this year, fans were delighted to see a more intimate tour date scheduled in the Big Apple as well– Verboten casually released tickets for a show under Prydz’s PRYDA moniker, and the news spread like wildfire across the internet. Needless to say, tickets were gone in an instant, with fans (possibly in jest?) asking to trade EDC Vegas passes and other festival passes for one ticket to see Pryda. Joking or not, a ticket into the Brooklyn club on Friday night was a highly coveted prize.

While many arrived early to avoid waiting outside in the cold or to get a good spot on the dancefloor, I arrived early to see Brad Miller, curator of the ever popular Push the Night series, now featured monthly at Verboten, and one of New York’s most talented progressive DJs. Brad has a way of crafting a set that sticks in your brain, filled with beautiful vocals and moody bassline’s that will haunt your memories for the rest of the evening. I found myself stuck to my phone, shazam-ing left and right hoping that the melodies would be recognized for me to take home a nugget of music home with me. He build up his set little by little, effortlessly moving from one track to the next. With smooth and sultry tracks like George Fitzgerald’s remix of “Open Eye Signal”, Brad set the tone for the entire evening, leaving expectations high and a crowd electric with energy. If you haven’t seen Brad play, I highly suggest you make it a priority– his set on Friday cemented the fact that he’s one of my personal favorites, and a must-see on any line-up.

To keep the energy high, Prydz enlisted the help of LA based Ricoshëi as his tour openers, changing up the tone of the room to a more groovy side of the house spectrum. With tracks like The Martinez Brothers’ “Tree Towns” and Russ Yallop’s “Darkside Radio” along with their own originals, the duo moved from smooth and mellow to dark and glitch as the night progressed. Although this was the first I had heard of the DJ duo, I enjoyed their set and will definitely be following them from now on. 

Pryda finally took to the stage at 2 am to anxious fans as Verboten reached max capacity. The crowd overflowed into the side room as Pryda took no time in filling the room with his iconic progressive sound. Tracks like “Generate” paired with new ID’s that fans devoured, hanging onto every note throughout his 4-hour set. Many were happy to hear the classic chords of “Pjano” as he kept his set true to his sound with remixes and bootlegs a-plenty. There’s a reason why he sold out Verboten so quickly– his sets are guaranteed to take you on an unforgettable journey. Despite the race to get tickets and being packed into the main room like sardines, it was worth every minute.

All in all, Friday’s show reminded me of what a highly efficient machine Verboten has become, and why it’s still my favorite club in New York. From an effortless arrival into the club, easy coat-check and mobility throughout the club despite being packed to the brim with people, the staff made what could have been a frustrating evening of fighting through the crowds absolutely wonderful. Their visuals projected onto the walls of the main room always provide a uniquely staggering experience, and the rotating art on the walls each week bring a unique club experience. If Verboten continues to pair their eclectic style with intimate DJ experiences like the Pryda show, I may just move in!


Eric Prydz

Brad Miller


Originally written for ENL by Maggie Popovich

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