Gareth Emery at Space Miami March 29th, 2014

For the third year in a row, Gareth Emery made his return to Space for Garuda night. This year it was the night to premiere his newest album “Drive”. It was a rainy day in South Beach, but that didn’t stop fans from spending a night with Gareth Emery and some of the best DJ’s on his Garuda label. In an interview earlier on Thursday with Stu Fleishman, Gareth spoke about his album, and how excited he was to premiere it. This year Gareth played at the world famous Terrace at space, and brought forth one of the most memorable nights of my life.

The event featured Gareth, along with Ummet Ozcan, Ryan Ward, Funkagenda, Ben Gold, and Christina Novelli. I arrived at the venue at 11:15 pm, and caught Ummet Ozcan’s set. What an amazing start to the night. He dropped some heavy hitters and got the crowd ready for Gareth’s Set. Ummet closed his set with BT’s “Love Comes Again” mashed up with W&W’s “Lift Off” and his most famous track “Here & Now” along with a tribal beat. He brought that energy to start off the night.

Now on to the main act of the night! Gareth Emery opened with some new really progressive tracks to off his new album. He then transitioned into some heavy bangers. What I like about Gareth and this particular set is his way of combining genres, and playing tracks that we all hear and love on BPM/Electric Area with a bit of a twist. Gareth always keeps the energy alive. He introduced us with a couple of new tracks off his album, and really showed his vision of what is planned for the album Drive. The end of Gareth’s set is what I really enjoyed because he played some new progressive trance tracks. The energy was alive and the crowd was pumpin’. I didn’t want his set to end! His last track of the night was his most popular track to date “Concrete Angel” and he brought Christina Novelli to the decks for a proper introduction.

After Gareth set Christina Novelli took over. This was my first time seeing herlive, and I have to say I’m so proud of her! She did such a phenomenal job playing banger after banger and keeping such a continuous flow throughout her set. The best way I can explain her set is “singing and dancing”, because she dropped all vocals with such bangin’ beats. I don’t know if it was a mash up or not, but she dropped an insane version of “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat”, as well as amazing remixes of great vocal tracks we all know. Based on this set, I can’t wait to hear more from her in the future.

Now on to the trance master Ben Gold, who I feel played such an incredible and uplifting set. Opening with such energy, for a 45 minute set it was epic. He played his newest track “Gold Rush”, his remix of “Tokyo” by Gareth Emery, and several other high energy trance tracks. Mr. Gold ended the night with such a bang! My favorite moment of his set is when he played” Tokyo”. That song is just absolute perfection, and Ben Gold makes every night just simply amazing!

After Ben Gold’s set, I left space feeling so energized. It was honestly such an incredible night, and will always be with me. Thank you To Gareth and all the other DJ’s for making this night happen. I am so excited for Gareth and what he has in store for the future.

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This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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