Over the past decade, the District of Columbia has slowly but surely built up a vibrant scene for all genres of dance music. Day by day, it seems that more and more events are popping up in the DMV area as the dance music realm grows.  New underground spots like Flash hold great events for techno and house music, while  superclub Echostage brings in huge talent, allowing the club to skyrocket in popularity as one of the top clubs in the United states. For trance lovers, though, Phonic has dominated the scene with weekly parties that bring in the latest and greatest names in trance as well as classic trance legends.

This past Friday was no different with the booking of Simon Patterson, who is no stranger to psy and tech-trance fanatics. With his “In New DJs We Trust” radio show on BBC Radio 1 and back to back hits, Patterson has become one of the leaders in 140+ and psy-trance, paving the way for a more underground sound to enter the mainstream.

Issues with Phonic’s normal venue, known for its iconic euphoria-inducing LED walls and ceilings caused a last minute location change to Eden Lounge in downtown DC, which kept the show intimate and comfortable. No matter where you were in the lounge, you could get up close and personal with the DJ without having to push and claw your way through the crowd. The layout of the space was a bit awkward at first, but this fact disappated once the music started going for the night. Phonic’s mastermind Robert Fairbairn kicked off the night with a stellar opening set, loosening up the crowd with progressive house tracks that eased everyone into the night while still keeping a dancey vibe. The space filled pretty early, around 11pm, with DC ready and willing to “open up” for Simon Patterson.

Simon took to the stage around midnight and pleasantly kept with the groove of nice by starting off with the electro-house groove of Pryda’s “Mokba” that slowly morphed its way into his hard-hitting sound, signature psy-trance sound. One of my favorite things about Patterson is that he rarely sticks to one genre, moving from techno to psytrance and beyond in the span of a few hours. Needless to say, he sprinkled in some of his newer tracks, like his track with Sarah Howells, ‘Dissolve’ and the ever popular ‘Brushstrokes’ as fans went wild track after track. His set encompassed so many uniquely incredible tracks from different artists in different genres, that he couldn’t help but please the crowd and make his set one to remember. While some may say he’s veering from his original sound, his versatility proves prowess as one of the top DJs in the field.

All in all, Phonic has more than proved itself to be one of the greatest event-series on the east coast with consistent weekly bookings of superb trance talent.  Their fall line-up, just recently released with some later surprises TBA, includes power players such as Christopher Lawrence, Eco, Khoma with Grube and Hovespian, and Alex M.O.R.P.H. Despite the change in venue for this event, the professionalism and quality that came from the Phonic team shone through, solidifying a great night of trance for all. Be sure to check out their upcoming events and make the worthwhile trip to our nation’s capital!


Originally written for ENL by Maggie Popovich

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