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She sings, she dances, the plays guitar, she DJ’s, she produces…. Is there anything that JES doesn’t do? Please tell us you are a horrible cook or something just so we can feel better about ourselves…. 

Hi Zaneta! It’s funny you mention that because I actually love to cook 🙂 Making music has become a very complicated lifestyle in the last few years and I find that having some balancing elements in your life is more important than ever. I have a kitchen at the studio so in between takes I make food for everyone! I find it helps me to maintain my focus in other areas too. You can check out some of my own recipes and creations on my lifestyle blog ( I also really enjoy yoga and working out so I try to use it as my “personal time” away from the pressures of my professional life. It’s so important for me to feel healthy and strong so I put a lot of focus into that these days as well.

Oh yummy! I’ll have to stop by for a bite one of these days. Hmmm, so where did you say this studio was located again…

The last time you visited New York you performed on a boat. Would you say performing on a boat is more difficult and if so in what ways? Is the vibe also different?

Boat performances are always fun and they can be crazy! It can be a little more unpredictable sound wise so you have to be ready to deal with unusual setups and being out of your comfort zone. I always come prepared with my own vocal rig. I want to make sure the vocal is clear and we aren’t dealing with feedback. There is a certain sense of freedom that comes with being on a boat and I think that always puts people in a good mood so the crowd is usually ready to get down! The last New York show was special, sailing around Manhattan on a beautiful summer night with the music flowing. The people were fantastic so I had a blast.

How much thought goes into planning your on stage attire and what designers are you really into lately?

I tend to put a lot of effort into my show outfits. A performance needs to reach people on every level so it’s important that it sounds good and looks good too! I work with a few different designers to create my look for the shows. They’re all one off pieces and we have a lot of fun coming up with new ideas and finding new fabrics and concepts of what I could wear. I look at the outfit as an extension of my musical personality so I try to create things that reflect how my music feels to me.

You will be returning to perform in New York again for the Eris Revolution event along with Mr. Pit. Do you think that there may be some back-to-back action on the decks if Mr. Pit is up for it?

That would be fun! I’m not sure if we’ll be back to backing this night I have created a special show that combines many of my new songs, which I will be singing, combined with my favorites and new mash-ups from my Unleash The Beat Show.  When I’m singing and dj’ing a lot goes into the balance of the show. I can’t wait to meet Mr.Pit and to play in New York again. It’s such a special place for me as it’s my home town and although I split my time between New York and Los Angeles I’m still a New Yorker at heart.

What do you have planned for the remainder of the summer?

I have a pretty busy summer planned. I’m working at my studio in LA on a whole host of new projects at the moment. I have some very exciting new collaborations happening with some surprising partners! I’m also working on the next installment of my “Unleash The Beat” mix compilation series, which is code-named “Emerald”. It will be a one hour download only mix album available on Magik Muzik towards the end of the summer. I’m working on my next artist album as well. We’re looking for a very special way to release it as a fan only exclusive before the end of the year, which is super exciting for me.


Many fans tend to forget that artists and celebrities are also first and foremost humans! Share something human about yourself.

Yes we are! lol ! I feel very human and I’ve always been a very down to earth person. I am a very sensitive person by nature. I feel things very deeply and I always have. I have had to adopt a pretty thick skin over the years because it’s hard to be a sensitive person in the music business. You have to be very strong and determined and try not to listen to all the things that come your way or take it too seriously. I find I question many things in life. I definitely work on being a better human every day and I have the biggest human trait…I still get nervous before I go on stage!


Do you feel that females in the dance music industry are making bigger waves than they once were? If so what aspects of the industry do you feel have contributed to making that happen?

I think that the music industry is a very hard place for all artists but I do see that there’s a very strong male dominance currently in EDM. It’s great to see female artists making waves and it always takes a few new people to beat the path. When I left Motorcycle after “As The Rush Comes” it wasn’t clear how to build on my solo career. There weren’t a lot of other people doing that in this industry at that time so there wasn’t an established business model to work with It took a while to develop that and make it become something that the industry could understand even though I think it was pretty clear to the fans. Hopefully my path has helped other artists (both male and female) that fall outside of the normal “DJ” format to find their niche in the scene. I think it’s brought some much needed diversity to the genre and I hope it will go further yet.


You have been very versatile with seamlessly crossing over several electronic genres. Which genre do you feel will be the next big thing for 2016?

House has come back in a big way and it’s been very refreshing to hear that sound again. I think it’s influence will start to reach deeper into the genres in the same way progressive did in 2012-13 and we’ll start to hear some more varied tempos and distinct feeling and I’m sure you’re going to see more of that working it’s way into the sound of all the genres in the next 18 months.

Do you have any words of encouragement to those who hope to follow in your footsteps one day?

I have been lucky enough to travel the world making music and performing and it has been an amazing and truly eye opening experience. It’s a real rollercoaster with ups and downs and it hasn’t been an easy career path to follow. Make sure that everyday you do at least one thing to further your career. Hone your craft and work tirelessly on developing your skills and network. Treat other people with respect and demand that they do the same, and never, ever give up.

Thanks for your time and we are excited to see you perform at Paper Box in Brooklyn on July 31st!

Thank you so much! I am so looking forward to seeing you and all my friends at the Paper Box!!

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